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"Jungkookie is mine" - Park Jimin

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[!] Help out ARMYs!

Apply to be a moderator for bangtan.tumblr.com and join our team! More details are in this post! Mods will be helping us out with posting fantakens, previews, and etc.

Are you a translator or subber? Help out bts-trans.tumblr.com and join their team! More details are in this post!

Lastly, please support the Bangtan Booth @ KCON 2014 by donating here! Donations are closing this Friday, so if you want to donate, please do so soon!

Thanks to all ARMYs who have applied for any of the above positions, or have donated to the Bangtan Booth! Our respective teams really appreciate all the help!

bts-trans/bangtansubs small update


Latest subbed videos:

  • [ENG] 140714 Star Cast: Commentary | YT
  • [ENG] 140717 BOMB: Nickname T-shirts! 95 cam #1 | YT
  • [ENG] 140627 BOMB: ZzzzzZZzzzzzZ | YT
  • [ENG] 140630 BOMB: V’s Magic | YT
  • [ENG] 140627 BOMB: Finding Jungkook by Jimin PD | YT

The full updated subbed masterlist is here.

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American ghost Krystal

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[!] Please donate!


Your guys’ donations are super important, because if we don’t manage to fundraise enough money, we may not get the booth space at all, or we’re going to end up with a really plain booth with little activities. We want to give cute goodies to the fans that come visit our booth, but it does cost money to produce these goods. Our staff members have been planning for the past month, and we’d love to execute these plans, so that not only our fellow ARMYs can get nifty prizes and goods, but also so that BTS knows that they have a strong fanbase in America/overseas!

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sehun’s fail fanservice ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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oh shit I didn’t read that ask all the way


Do you know if there is an english subtitle video of the first episode of the BTS "American Hustle Life"?

Here you go! That’s just a preview, though. The show isn’t airing until the 24th. 

wheres the video of that gif of jhope being woken up?? :)

This is probably too late, but here

I was just wondering the gifs you made recently of Jhope being shit scared of the guy who woke him up, do you have the link??

Sorry if this is too late, but here!

[!] Bangtan Mod Applications!


We’re in need of help so we’re hiring again! Currently, we are interested in hiring one mod whose timezone is roughly 3-9 hours behind KST! If you are unsure where your timezone fits in with this estimation, please count how many hours behind KST you are.

We will close applications on Friday, July 25th at 12AM KST!


  • fluent in English
  • knows the members well
  • is willing to put time and effort into updating the blog
  • has a twitter account and is willing to use it to communicate with the other admins

*You do not need to have any basic understanding of Korean, nor a leveled up account on the fancafe! Experience with running a blog with multiple admins isn’t entirely necessary either.

If you’ve looked that over and feel confident you would be a good addition to our team, fill out the application below!


  • Preferred name: 
  • E-mail: 
  • Twitter:
  • Country:
  • Timezone:
  • Main tumblr URL:
  • Blogs you currently admin on:
  • Tell us why you would be a good addition to the blog:
  • Other comments:

Please send everything to bangtanscouts@gmail.com; we’ll be looking forward to seeing the applications!